You Have Never Seen A Selfie Stick Like This

Smile for the world’s first automated selfie stick

Smile for the world’s first automated selfie stick

The worshipers of the selfie stick finally have their Holy Grail. Created by Thinkmodo, the new device extends on its own, has a pair of beauty lights that extend from the back of the iPhone holder, and also has a pair of fans that fold out to give the effect of your hair in the wind for your picture.

The automated selfie stick connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing for the device to extend further than most selfie sticks currently on the market.

The bad news: this selfie stick is only being used to promote the upcoming season of Lifetime’s “Unreal” – a show that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a show similar to “The Bachelor” – and won’t be available to consumers.



As for the Selfie Stick Unreal, it has a telescopic boom arm that automatically extends with the push of a button. Two fans slide out from the inside of the handle to blow your hair and give your photos a fun wind effect. And with the push of a button, the light panels automatically slide out and turn on - giving you plenty of fill light for your selfie.