Title: Cheerson CX-10W Quadcopter Review: A Perfect Quadcopter Drone for Beginners



Drone technology has reached its peak nowadays, and the market for this interesting devices is growing every day. Companies are now able to produce better, and more sophisticated models at affordable prices. This modern tool is now available for everyone, not just for film crews and paparazzi like before.

Cheerson CX-10W is a cheap beginner model available in pre-sale, and it will be a perfect present for your kids, or even for yourself if you are into flying.

There are something to know when buying a quadcopter. Factors like, blade size, flight time, camera and controls can impact the product performance. One of the most important factors is the skill level you possess in flying a quadcopter. If you just started to take an interest in drones, this is a perfect place to start. All of the features will be explained in the website below to help you decide if Cheerson CX ñ 10W is worth buying:


When it comes to cheaper models, you need to have in mind that what you pay is what you get. More expensive models have more quality features. But, if you or your kid are completely new at this hobby, you will need a cheaper model for developing your skills. That is the place where Cheerson CX ñ 10W steps in, and donít be fooled by the price because this model can make your life much more fun.

All of the standard equipment is included in the package, which is an ordinary card box. Not so safe for transport, but strong enough to arrive at your doorstep. A user manual is provided, to help you in finding your way around the model, including additional four spare blades and a USB charging line.
Design & Blade Size:

The design of the new Cheerson CX-10W is quite simple and straightforward. Nothing worth to mention except the fact that this is a cheap beginner model and its main purpose is to introduce you to the world of quadcopters, not to be pretty. Three main representative colors are Golden, Rose Red, and Dark Grey. The total weight is around 15 g, and this model is a part of the lighter group of quadcopters.

The material used for creating this model is ABS Aviation material. Wingspread is 30 mm in diameter; quite small you might think, but quite enough for indoor usage.

You may have some problems while using the quadcopter outdoors since 30 mm blade size are not big enough to resist the wind.
Flight Time:

Flight time is determined by factors like weight, battery size and flying maneuvers.Since Cheerson CX-10W is an entry model, you shouldnít regard much on this factors. Cheerson CX-10W is made to be practical and attractive, and the only thing that can spoil your fun is the small amount of time you can play with it.

Around four minutes in the air is the best you can expect from this model, but you can mess around and enjoy. The longevity of the flight is increased if you donít use the feature of the camera recording.
Camera Features:

Cheerson CX-10W is equipped with a cheap, low-quality camera. You can make some interesting shots, but a camera with only 0.3 MPX cannot make high-quality pictures. You can practice your flying skills and have a little fun with the camera, but nothing more from that. The fun thing about it is that you can see what the camera sees directly on your smartphoneís display. The quality is determined by the price, considering the camera features installed.

Controller or transmitter is your smartphone. Just install the Android or IOS application and you are ready to go. That is a plus for this model since it makes the user experience very interesting. The quadcopter and your smartphone are connected through Wi-Fi network, with a controlling range from 15 m to a maximum of 30 m. Cheerson CX-10W is also able of doing 3D flips, which is very hard to master.
Flying skills requirement:

Cheerson CX-10W is a simple and small quadcopter, with no special skill requirements for using. Bigger and more expensive models have advanced flying capabilities; with this model, you will get the standard ascend, descend, forward, backward, turn left, and turn right functions. It is suitable for everyone, with or without experience in flying these devices. Your kids will adore it, and even you may enjoy it since these little things are perfect for entertainment and fun.

Battery comes together with the model, which is a proven standard for cheap quadcopters. More expensive models have additional batteries to swap, but this is not the case with Cheerson CX-10W. 3.7V 150 mAh battery is capable of providing around 4 minutes of flying time before you need to recharge again. Recharging time is around 60 minutes, which is the biggest downside of this model since the flying time is limited, and you need to wait a bit for the next flight.

– Affordable price
– Suitable for traveling
– Beginner skills needed for using
– Both capable of flying indoor and outdoor
– Funny and entertaining
There arenít any special features included, but you can have a good time while flying this quadcopter. It is made for beginners and enthusiast alike, who are making their first steps in this interesting hobby. For the money paid, you will get a simple model that can satisfy your needs if you are into these devices. It is definitely worth checking out, or as a gift to youngsters, especially for the smartphone controls.




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