Full Moon Lamp Provides Mystical Glow to Set Tranquil Mood


Illuminate your space and mind by incorporating the beauty of the natural world into your home. Acorn Studio, a Taiwan-based company, is helping to do just that with Luna, their Indiegogo-funded series of moon lanterns that bring an element of magic to interior design. This serene décor casts away the shadows of the night with a gentle glow rendered through each artistic interpretation of the full moon. Every Luna is hand crafted and unique and each comes with a cord and Halogen light bulb, as well as adjustable luminosity settings. There are seven sizes available, and the lanterns can be hung from the ceiling or left freestanding.

The surrounding environment can have a profound effect on your mood and emotions, and the moon is a particularly powerful symbol of all things mystical and divine. Serene and mysterious, the lunar cycle has enchanted humans throughout history. These lanterns help to transform your living space with the timeless glow of a full moon.

A beautiful blend of the natural world with modern day technology and design brings the warmth and mystery of a full moon into your home and helps to “make your life prettier” with Luna.

luna1-1 luna7 luna4 luna2 luna5 luna3 luna6

Luna: Website | Twitter | Indiegogo
Acorn Studio: Facebook | Youtube
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