Grief Stricken Goat Reunited with Best Burro Friend

Mr G and Jelly Bean
Mr G and Jelly Bean - Best Friends Forever.
Mr G and Jelly Bean
Mr G and Jelly Bean – Best Friends Forever.

After being rescued, this goat refused to eat for 6 days, but look What Brought His Spirit Back…

9Animal Place Sanctuary took a rescued goat from an animal hoarding case in southern California. His name is Mr.G. He had lived in neglect for years. Another sanctuary took in the other animals from the place where Mr.G. used to live. After arriving the goat stopped eating. He laid in the corner of his stall, refusing to eat or move for 6 days.
He was extremely depressed. Fortunately, the keepers soon realized what was the problem and were quick to save the situation. Your heart will melt when you find out what this goat needed to lift his spirits. It is amazing and so touching! Some animals just have the biggest hearts. Enjoy this wonderful story and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

Mr. G and Jelly Bean, Best Friends Forever, No Joke.

Want to help care for Mr. G and Jellybean? Become their “foster parent” and sponsor them for only $25! Your gift will fund feed, future veterinary care, bedding, and the lifelong care a donkey and goat need. You’ll receive a full page foster certificate and card signifying that you are their “Foster Parent”!





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