LinkedIn - Setting Up Your Company Page
LinkedIn - Setting Up Your Company Page

How To Set Up A LinkedIn Account For A Business

LinkedIn - Setting Up Your Company Page
LinkedIn – Setting Up Your Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page is a great place for your business to connect with existing and potential customers.  LinkedIn allows you to build a dedicated following of LinkedIn users, post job advertisements, and even showcase your best products and services.

There are now more than 175 million people using LinkedIn to network with other professionals.  According to LinkedIn, these members will perform over 5.3 billion searches for information on their site in 2012.  Businesses see the potential; more than two million businesses already have LinkedIn Company Pages.  You want your page to be one of those appearing in search results when people are looking for information!

Use this step-by-step guide to set up your LinkedIn Company Page:

1. Sign in to your personal LinkedIn account. On the Home page, click “Companies” in the top menu.

Add a Company Page on LinkedIn

2. On the far right side of the top of the Companies page, click “Add a Company.”

Add a new company on LinkedIn

3. Fill in your company name and your email address.  Once you click “Continue,” LinkedIn will send a verification email to the account you entered.  You must verify the email before continuing.

Adding a company page and information on LinkedIn

4. Once you have confirmed your email address, LinkedIn will ask you to sign in using your personal account information.  This takes you to the Company Page overview, where you can enter your company type, size, website URL, industry, operating status, and logo.  The LinkedIn Page wizard will guide you through the form you must complete in order to set up your Page.

Choose company type and write a description for LinkedIn Page

5. Choose which employees will be administrators on the Company Page.  These people must have personal LinkedIn accounts and are able to post to the Page and edit Page information.  Add yourself as the first administrator.  You must be connected to the people you want to add as administrators.

It’s a good idea to have more than one administrator in case of emergency, but choose employees you trust to represent the company on LinkedIn.

Choose LinkedIn Page administrators.

6. Write your Company Description.  This is the first thing people will see when they visit your Page, so make it count!  Be concise and tell users what you have to offer people who connect with your company on LinkedIn.

Write LinkedIn Company Page description.

7. Continue following the LinkedIn Page setup wizard as it guides you through the fields you can fill in to offer information about your company specialities, RSS feed and more.

Choose company specialties on LinkedIn Page.

8. Once you have added all of the information you would like to share on your Company Page, you can start adding status updates and building your following!

Add your LinkedIn Company Page web address (URL) to your email signature, website, and other social accounts.  This will let the people you already know see that you are now on LinkedIn and they can connect with your business.

I would love to see your LinkedIn Page once you have it set up.  Post your URL in the comments and let us know if you have any questions as you set up your Page!



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