Here Are The Very Last Photographs Taken Of These 25 Iconic Celebrities.

The Very Last Photographs
The Very Last Photographs
The Very Last Photographs
The Very Last Photographs

Life is a short and fragile thing. While you’re living your own, you might not realize just how delicate it is until you experience tragedy. It’s easy to get caught up in your own life to the point of forgetting that it won’t last forever.

These photos are a good reminder of our own mortality. Shortly after each of these pictures were taken, life-changing tragedy struck. The photos below are the very last pictures ever taken of each of these celebrities before they passed away.

For every picture that you see, there was also a tragedy. 

The guy I miss most is at #25

One day, each of us will exit this mortal coil. We may not know when or where that will happen, but that won’t stop it from happening. Take a moment to appreciate the life you’re living. Hopefully, these celebrities took a chance to do the same before passing away.

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