Looking to Prank Your Friends? Send Them Poo!

Looking to Prank Your Friends? Send Them Poo!


Looking to prank your friends or to get revenge? Check out SendPoo.com, the fun new way to make some one laugh or to get back at someone who has pissed you off. The SendPoo.com service includes a fake poop, anonymous shipping, a SendPoo greeting card, and you can even add some optional glitter.

SendPoo poops come in three varieties: the Lil Poo, the Butt Nugget and the Heavy Doody. The Lil Poo is the smallest of the SendPoo family and is slightly sticky & very squishy The Butt Nugget is the largest in the SendPoo family and is firmer than the Lil Poo but still squishy. The most realistic poo in the SendPoo Collection is the Heavy Doody. It is the most real looking poo and has a firm texture.

Additionally, there is also the Shit Storm, which is the best deal and includes all three poops and a dusting of glitter to brighten that special someone’s day.

With the included SendPoo greeting, you can select from one of our witty messages:
A gift for a turd like you!
A turd pie for an asshole!
Enough of your BULLSHIT already!
Having a shitty day? SMILE!
Hey asshole, think your shit don’t stink?
Roses are red, Violets are blue, You are a big Poo!
The Shit Storm is coming your way!
When you act like an ass, you get the poo!
Ya big Poo Poo head!
You are a giant TURD!
You are an ass and make people feel like shit!
You treat people like crap! Right back at you!

Sure you could send real poo, but that’s quite gross and possibly illegal. Or you could send a glitter bomb, but it’ll be a lot funnier when they reach in and pull out a prank poo. And the whole time they will be wondering who sent them this wonderful turd!

Why send glitter when Poo works better? SendPoo.com they do your doody work!



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