A Man Captures What Looks Like Heaven Over 8 Days. The Result? Phenomenal.

Amazing Timelapse Video #EarthPorn

I love incredible videos, and this one is no exception. A man took a trip to El Teide, one of Spain’s highest mountains, to watch the stars and film the Milky Way galaxy. The trip was absolutely exhausting (e.g. 10 hours of sleep for the week total) given all the hiking necessary at the high altitudes. What he was able to capture over the course of his week long hike is absolutely breathtaking. TSO is a passionate landscape photographer from Norway. Currently traveling the world to create his first movie.

TSO Photography on Facebook

Be prepared to loose your mind… This is absolutely stunning!

Terje Sørgjerd been published many times in some of the world biggest press and media outlets including, but not limited to: CNN, NBC, USA Today, Reuters, Discovery Channel, NatGeo, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Weather Channel and The Washington Post, Good Morning America, to name just a few. TSO is probably most well known for my unique photos of the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which erupted in 2010, leaving an immediate impact on our modern society halting air-traffic between North America and Europe for over a week. TSO is also known for “The Arctic Light”, “The Aurora” and “The Mountain” time-lapse movies.



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