Women Are Creating She-Sheds, A Female Alternative To Man Caves (15+ Pics)


Men need their space. But so too do women. But while some men prefer to dwell in their Man Caves, some woman prefer an alternative place to relax. Such as the She-Shed.

Whereas Man Caves are usually a part of the house somehow, say hidden in the basement or the garage perhaps, She-Sheds are typically situated in the garden. There are no set rules to how a She-Shed should be constructed. Some turn them into reading areas while others use their She-Sheds as craft rooms or even miniature yoga studios.

Want a She-Shed but don’t know where to begin? Then take a look at the pictures below where you might just find some inspiration. That applies to you too, guys. Go on. Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.

(h/t: mymodernmet, contemporist)

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