Snow Shoveling West Virginia Style

I’m NEVER Using A Snow Shovel Again — Everyone Should See What He Does!

Snow shoveling West Virginia style

Snow shoveling West Virginia style

Much of the East Coast of the United States is blanketed in snow right now — something we’re not all that used to!

Whether you’re used to heavy snowfall all winter long, or if a blizzard only comes your way once in a blue moon, the following video contains a simple-but-genius life hack that everyone, everywhere needs to know.

Joshua Jordan gets more snow than most outsides his home in West Virginia, and he has come up with a seriously genius way to handle it. Instead of digging through the snow with a flimsy shovel, Jordan gets on his hands and knees and starts digging a path the VERY old-fashioned way — with his hands!

Now, before you assume that you would never want to try this yourself, just take a look at how quickly he rolls the snow off his lawn to create a path from the front door to the street. There’s no denying that this will come in very handy someday!

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Snow shoveling West Virginia style