These Twins Prove Chewing Gum Actually Makes You More Likable (Video)

Twins Chewing Gum
Twins Chewing Gum

Twins Chewing Gum

Which Twin is more likable to the majority of the people? Find out below…

It was pro-wrestling icon Shawn Michaels who showed us some 20 years ago that chewing gum has the power to make anyone look vastly cooler. Proving that this scientific phenomenon still holds true today are the makers of Trident gum, or “Beldent” as it’s known in various Latin American nations.

“An experiment was conducted at Buenos Aires’ Museum of Contemporary Art in October of 2013 in which several pairs of identical twins were seated next to each other, with one chewing gum. A third person was then asked a series of questions to determine which of the twins had a more likable personality, the answers deduced solely from their appearances.”

The Heartbreak Kid would be proud to know that chewing gum exudes just as much confidence and amity as it did in the nineties, and the only explanation we can offer is that we will forever associate the act with the quintessential ladies man.

[H/T] EliteDaily




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