VIDEO: Watch Just How BIG Our Government Really Is

BIG Government
BIG Government
BIG Government
BIG Government

Did someone say BIG government? In 3:11 you will see just how gargantuan is has become in 220 years.




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  1. Trying to argue that military weaknesses were not significant in influencing the US withdrawal from Vietnam. What were some military successes that suggested the military’s weaknesses would not have brought about the withdrawal?

  2. WMD’s in Iraq and a 45 minute warning of wmd strikes springs to mind by Bush and Blair also “I am the right man for the job” by Mr Gordon brown

  3. Honestly, after watching these videoes with a calm and patient Open-Mind, don’t you think we have to write to our CONGRESSMEN and ASK YAHOO QUESTIONS so they PAY ATTENTION TO THIS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT PROBLEM that is draining billions of dollars away from our economy?


  4. Just about five minutes ago I sent my mother (on the west coast, I live on the east coast) a text message. She replied with an incredulous “I just saw a picture of you in a text and now its gone! How did you do that?” Both sufficiently freaked out, I admitted that I had never sent any picture to her at all. Is there a glitch or is it possible the government can watch our face as a video feed at any time? She claimed it was just my face (makes sense, phone was on the desk below it).

    I know there is an Android App called lookout that makes the phone wail if it is stolen, sounds a siren, and when the thief picks it up it snaps a picture. It also enables gps satelites to track the phone.

  5. these two videos explain why many people overwhelmingly oppose the bail-out although the popular media isn’t covering this much
    the hearing held by Shelby and Dodd

    44 leading economists say this is a BAD DEAL

    I don’t know about that sixtiesradical. I think it is corporatism, not capitalism. Our government is trying to act as a corporation. This doesn’t have anything to do with the free market. It is unconstitutional. The government has no right to act as a bank. It used to be the case that if any private corporation employed the same accounting tricks Congress and the White House use to hide the government’s massive debt and financial liabilities, its board and executive officers would all be in prison.
    I keep hearing people say we’re headed toward socialism. This does not resemble socialism anywhere at all. American indian societies are socialist. They care for their elderly… and a whole lot more. I don’t have room to go into it here but I’ll post some questions to get people to think about it.

  6. An American assumption is that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. We cannot delegate a power we do not ourselves have, can we?
    Defend your response: Which major party stands closer to the American idea that government should have no “special powers” of its own?

    Scored series – question #11
    First “facts and logic” answer WINS. Opinions permitted, but useless.
    First “FAIL” will be addressed for future advisement.

    “American” score so far:
    D – 0
    R – 5
    ‘Scuse me, it’s #12

  7. What or who exactly is ATCA? As far as I have understood, I think it’s a company which tries to spot out copyright infringements. They look for internet users who upload movies or music on the internet, and the ones who downlaod them. How it all works is explained in this video:

    At the moment, we all are afraid of what they would really do with our private data (information on what sites you visit, and what else you do on the internet). They currently just want to find “inter piraates”. But what if one day they want more? A country like China could misuse the service of ATCA, and demand private data from all Chinese internet users to find potentially political rebellions.

    In short, what if Big Brother ATCA is really watching us? Could that be possible?
    “internet pirates” – with this word I want to describe people who infringes the terms of copyrights (whatever the copyright laws really say)


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