The Crazy-Cool Things You Can Do With Vinegar That You Didn’t Know About

Vinegar Life Hacks

Vinegar Life Hacks

Vinegar Life Hacks

When most people think of vinegar, they think of the smelly cooking supply used in salad dressings and tangy snacks like pickles. But, vinegar can be used for more than just flavoring foods. Not only is it a great all-natural cleaning supply, it also works wonders on clogged drains and dirty trash cans. Add some dish soap and water to vinegar and clean bathrooms without harsh chemical fumes, or spray your couch with vinegar to keep your cat from clawing at the seams. Check out these vinegar hacks and more in the video below and start using this average household item to its full potential. 

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I hate ironing, so I’ll definitely use this de-wrinkle vinegar solution regularly. Which vinegar hack will you try first?