Without Saying a Word This 6 Minute Short Film Will Make You Speechless

Animal Video PETA, Vegan
Animal Video PETA, Vegan


First off, I am not a vegetarian, nor vegan and probably never will be. But after watching this film which has no words to the video, it send a very powerful message which I am sure is unique to each individual.

The first thing I thought of was the utter disappointment of being human. Seeing the process from concept to completion, beginning to end is pretty disturbing. Maybe a salad for tonight?

Let me know how it made you feel? It can be anything as long as it’s honest.

Michael W says:

“This is pretty much why even if I’m a meat eater–I don’t support factory farming while preferring to go local, and try to keep consumption down to a minimum. I’m also for lab grown and synthesized food, support technologies like 3D printing. I look towards a future like that of Star Trek where we can simply replicate food–so that one day this, and the slaughter of animals in general will be a thing of the past.”






  1. I have never wanted to eat meat. I did not like meat as a child. Now I cannot stand how this shows it is being produced. This food could not be good for the body to eat in a moral emotional place. Somehow it must be affecting our character, conscious or unconscious mind. This is quite an eye opener. Thank you for posting this.


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