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You guys have to check out this amazing iPhone app called wylgo – It was developed by a good friend of mine Marc Tanas. What is Wylgo? Well, A new Startup, Wylgo (pronounced “will go”), announced the launch of the photo request mobile app that allows users to think of, describe, and receive from people their exact photo from wherever they are.

Wylgo was developed to drive social imaging among people. Photos are becoming redundant and not catered to the needs of the user. With Wylgo, a click of a button is going to change that. Users can now type a descriptive request of the photo they would like, then gets sent out to people from around the world who will snap that photo and capture the moment. A solution that connects users with photo lovers and photographers.

Wylgo users can share photos with their friends and help fellow users with their specific photo requests. Users can also find pictures through the search button to discover images in categories or dig deeper by typing specific words to help narrow the selection.

With Wylgo the options are unlimited to find what you want from wherever you are. Available for download on iPhone now, and can be found here. Android version coming soon.



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